Bleach theory: “Five special weapons…” Who are the other four?!

In the first page of the new chapter, someone announces that Ichigo, one of the “five special weapons” has entered Hueco Mundo. It’s obvious they understand Ichigo is a special threat that they need to be careful of - we all expected them to know and be wary of Ichigo. But there are four others? Who could they be?!

I compiled a list of potential candidates who I think stand a good chance to make the remaining four. Without further adieu…

Kenpachi. Kenpachi is first on my list because he doesn’t know the name of his zanpakutou. The quincies most powerful ability, as we know it, is the ability to seal bankais. This would make Kenpachi immune to their powers, and this makes him their greatest threat. I’m sure the Vanden-nazis know all about him, and have taken some sort of precautions to deal with him.

Kyouraku. As we saw during the Winter War, Kyouraku’s ability is really unique. Most abilities depend on some sort of combat advantage, elemental manipulation, or even in some rare cases, perception control. Kyouraku’s, however, is totally different. His ability makes a game out of the combat arena, and subjugates all combatants to following the rules. Winner lives, loser dies. The scope of his ability more resembles a bankai than a shikai in that the power extends to and subjugates the environment under its control. If that is his shikai, his bankai must something so out of this world that even the Vandenreich in all of their righteous confidence MUST be worried about. Even Juushiro said while fighting Stark: “You should not use your bankai out in the open where anyone can see it…” If this is not the most foreboding line of some amazing plot device for the future, I don’t know what is.

Ryunosuke Yuki. Don’t recognize him? I actually had to look up his name to remember. He’s the new young boy that was introduced in the beginning of the arc. He wasn’t introduced for nothing. I also don’t think Kubo was filling text bubbles when Shino had to remind him of his talents when he got scared of some hollows.

Aizen. I cringe at the though of him coming back, but it must not be ignored totally. He definitely has the most dangerous zanpakutou ability, and it’s something that the quincies know could subvert their entire cause. Aizen could easily single handedly thwart them by just manipulating their senses a bit - making them hallucinate they were blind, deaf, in a different environment… The scope of Aizen’s ability has not even been really revealed to us yet. He took it easy on the soul reapers during The White Invasion, and he’s capable of far more terrifying things, and the Vandenreich have to know about it.

Shinji: He’s the only other soul reaper we know of besides Aizen with an illusion zanpakutou. The only one to face Shinji’s zanpakutou also just happened to be Aizen, which doesn’t say much. You can’t blame Shinji losing to a guy who can control your five senses. I think anyone could fall to sakanade easily. Shinji’s shikai, like Aizen’s, is nauseating and probably endlessly frustrating to be caught in - I’m sure his bankai is nothing short of mind boggling. I also would really like to see Shinji given some canon credit for having one of the best and most feared bankai’s around.

Kisuke. I am hesitant to put him on this list, BECAUSE they specifically made mention that Ichigo entered Hueco Mundo. They didn’t say “two of the special weapons, Ichigo Kurosaki and Kisuke Urahara entered Hueco Mundo,” they just mentioned Ichigo. Now, Kisuke was a high ranking stealth force ninja master, and he could have evaded their detection, unlike Ichigo, who just walked up to captain glasses. One great reason we have to think he could be one of the five special weapons is that during the Arrancar Arc, Renji asked why Kisuke couldn’t train Chad because he had a bankai too. Kisuke replied that his bankai “is not meant for helping people…” alluding to it’s primary focus being CAUSING CATASTROPHIC AMOUNTS OF PAIN, DOOM, AND DESTRUCTION.

Uryuu. This is a long shot, but the only reason I think he stands a chance is that during his duel with the Vanden-nerd, he mentioned that his powers should not be as great as Uryuu’s. This obviously means there is something about Uryuu’s power we don’t know about. He might not even know everything he’s capable of. I think what admiral gestapo said is very suspicious, and obviously means that there is something huge planned for Uryuu in this arc. We all knew this arc was going to focus on him, but now we have some direction, and it very well could be that Uryuu is one of the special cases that the Vandenreich fear.

Well there you have it. This is my list of contenders. I do not doubt for a second though, if not expect, this to be entirely wrong. Kubo is a master plot twister, and I’m sure no one actually has any idea who the four other special weapons could be, but we until then, can’t hurt to wonder, no?

What do you guys think?!