this fan art stunned me. it’s so provocative. like, imagine shinji arriving in the real world with the rest of the visoreds, having their hollows mastered, and trying to start a new life in the world of the living.

maybe cutting off all of his hair was a way of finally removing himself from soul society. maybe it was an attempt to forge a new life. he thought he’d never be able to go back, so he figured he would cut all ties to that old life.

he wasn’t a soul reaper anymore. he was a visored. he could never go back.

i think it’s the… disappointment in his eyes? he looks so defeated… like with every lock cut is a goodbye to a life taken from him that he knows he will miss terribly, and at the same time, nurses a thirst for revenge he know he must soon begin planning on quenching.

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    Couldn’t have said it better myself. This is definitely one of my favorite fanarts of Shinji.
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