[Anonymous] said:
" bruh you could cosplay the shit outta Tsukiyama. Do it. "

You are the BEST. I will. FOR YOU. Come do a shot.

[Anonymous] said:
" Looking sharp! "

Thanks punanjo! ^^

In case you needed more proof, here’s me in my expected gettup—which I of course just had layin’ around.

Look me in the fucking face and tell me I will not make a FLAWLESS Tsukiyama for halloween.

I did NOT expect ANYONE to comment on this seriously.

The groupchat my best friends and I share is riveting.



and the best for last

Good night...


カップラーメンがたべたい | 什造くん

・・・   |   ニッポニア・ニッポン

Suzuya Juuzou.


nnocttisluciscaelum asked: tsukiyama or suzuya

listen to the cries

the cries of fallen angels

who fell from heaven

That man… he thought of you as if you were his own child.

the problem child.