you little boy

you little boy

how could you run from me now?

the loneliest chime in the house?

the loneliest chime in the house?

you let it out

you let it out

come to me, calvary still

I’m weeding and raking until

I’m bleeding in spite of my love for you

it bruised and bruised

my will

i would trade everything to be able to write like this

"is it safe to come out, brudder?"

"shut up, thomas"





I just realized that I was never grabbed by the ghoulies OR resonated with terror yesterday!!!!




ferguson is becoming a fad

- for people privileged enough to find it trendy.

I don’t get this. Before it was “trendy” the complaint I was hearing was that not enough people knew or cared about it.

awareness is good. calling it trendy because people know about it is not. we want people to know about it so they can challenge their preconceived notion of how power and the police work in our society. calling it a trend is ridiculous. it’s not a trend. it’s a living hell for people in ferguson. awareness is good. trivializing awareness by calling it a fad is bad.